Electric Bicycle Laws

Electric Bicycles are street legal pending certain requirements. In 2001, the U. S. Congress passed Public Law 107-319 which exempts electric bicycles under 750 watts from the definition of a motor vehicle. Motors must be less than 1 horse power. 

Chicago Electric Bicycles meets this criteria. It's the responsibility of all riders to follow the speed limit and to know their local ebike laws, if any. Responsible riding is essential part of ebiking.

Electric Bicycles are allowed on trains and busses, same as regular bicycles. We recommend carrying a copy of the state and local laws with you when riding.

In addition to the federal laws, the state of Illinois adds that you must be at least 16 years of age to operate an electric bicycle and you cannot ride an electric bike on sidewalks. Illinois State Senator Heather Steans wrote the electric bicycle law in Illinois and has done an outstanding job working on behalf of electric bicycles.

In the future, a tax credit towards purchasing electric bicycles might be possible. It's a good idea. Illinois already offers tax credits for solar, wind, and electric cars. Why not ebikes? Voice your comments!

Contact Senator Steans for more information or if you have questions.
  • NO license required
  • NO insurance required
  • NO registration required
  • NO license plates required
  • NO emissions test... its electric, zero emissions!
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