A 24 volt battery bank can provide a relatively constant source of power when the grid is down, or during periods when your photovoltaic system is not producing power. Although batteries are not one hundred percent efficient, they are predictable and stable enough for reliable long-term service. Batteries are basically the only method to store direct current (DC) power produced from sources like solar panels and wind generators.
You can eliminate the cost of batteries by going with a system that connects right into your home’s main junction box and use the grid as your power source at night or on long stretches of inclement weather. These installations are known as grid-tied or grid-interconnected systems. This version of solar system enables you to sell any excess power you produce back to the utility companies who have chosen to support “net metering”. Once you are signed up on a net metering program, your utility company will have a smart meter installed known as a Time of Use Meter, which will actually run backwards when you are producing excess power. It is wise to keep in mind that Grid tied systems without a battery backup, are only functional when the grid is operational. Due to anti-islanding features on grid tied inverters, which protect utility workers from working on a live line, grid-tied systems without a battery back up will not continue to produce power during a power outage regardless of whether you have sunshine or not.
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If you are looking for batteries for off grid solar systems look no further. We now offer AllCell 24 volt battery packs that can be used as a backup power source for off grid solar power systems. Simply follow the diagram below and you wont need power from the mains anymore. Be completely energy independent ! AllCell lithium battery packs are longer lasting and significantly lighter than deep cycle lead acid batteries. Multiple battery packs can be wired in parallel/stacked for additional DC power capacity when needed. 

These 24 volt battery packs can also be used with 24 volt electric bikes/ electric vehicles.
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Battery Prices:

24V 10AH - $499  (4.5 lbs)
24V 20AH - $799
24V 40AH - $1399
24V 80AH - $2399
24V 160 AH - $4799
Payment/ Delivery:

Customers can place an order online directly from our website and make a payment via PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you dont need an account. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. We will email you the tracking infomation and delivery date.

Return Policy/Warranty:

We offer a 2 week return policy. This gives customers enough time to make sure the battery is installed and fits their needs. Any returned batteries must be in good condition with no damages for a refund. Factory warranty of 2 years, excluding any damaged or shorted packs. Packaging and shipping of these lithium ion battery packs is regulated by the US Department of Transportation, and must be handled by a certified individual. If you wish to set up a return, please email us. A representative will contact you to arrange the shipment. Shipping a battery without following the return instructions will result in a voided manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us anytime if you have questions at: chicagoelectricbicycles@gmail.com
Solar power systems for house off grid photovoltaics (PV) small scale solar wind projects backup battery power for wind and solar battery bank batteries for solar energy system When the utility power is unavailable or too expensive to bring in to your home or cabin, solar panels allow you to be your own utility company! You can live in peace, with no noisy gas generator to disturb the quiet. the off-grid wind system stores electricity produced by the wind generator in a bank of batteries. An inverter can convert the DC electricity to AC to run common household appliances.elon musk tesla solar power sunpower solar city solar world Solar cells use sunlight to produce electricity renewable energy DC off-grid solar power systems are most often used to power DC appliances in RV's, boats, and cabins, as well as farm/ranch appliances like cattle gates and camp grounds rooftop solar Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) solar inverter controller direct current living off the grid with solar power solar technology battery technology wholesale solar DC solar power is less expensive than AC solar power because an inverter is not required to convert the electricity produced by solar panels and stored in batteries from DC to AC. But DC solar power does NOT power standard AC Today's lithium batteries are better than ever, and so are the devices that regulate and protect them. It is important to do your homework, however, when it comes to getting the right batteries and maintaining them. Lithium batteries will last much longer than SLA or flooded batteriesappliances, you will need an inverter for that.

24v 10ah dimensions: 7 x 3 x 3 inches
Solar panels are used extensively in rural areas, where access to the grid is non-existent or inaccessible. These installations are called off grid (or independent, stand-alone) solar power systems, and require the use of batteries to store the energy for use at night or on long stretches of overcast weather. The energy stored in the batteries leaves the batteries as DC electricity which can power DC appliances (as in RV’s) or be converted to alternating current (AC) for use with conventional appliances. Much like running your own mini utility company, this method gives you full independence from the national grid.
Since solar panels produce DC, or direct current, they must be coupled with a solar inverter to convert the energy from DC to AC, or alternating current. In a grid tied system this can be done by a large central inverter, or each solar panel can be outfitted with its own micro inverter. Once the power is converted to alternating current and its phase is synchronized with that of the grid, it is then tied in to your main junction box, which is ultimately interconnected to the national grid.
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Our battery packs can also be used in any 24 volt electric bicycles/ electric vehicles. Our customers have used our 24 volt battery packs to replace old battery packs for restoring ebikes/electric vehicles. You simply connect the positive (red) and negative (black) wires.
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48V 13AH
Battery Price with Charger
Battery Options:

48V 13AH - $799  (8.3 lbs)  Size: L10 x W5 x H4 inches

48V 15AH - $999 (9.0 lbs) Size: L10 x W6 X H4 inches

48V 20AH - $1199 (12.9 lbs)  Size: L10 x W8 x H4 inches

Battery Price with Charger
Battery Options:

36V 10AH - $599  (5.5 lbs)  Size: 9 x 3 x 4 inches

36V 15AH - $799  (8.3 lbs)  Size: 10 x 4 x 4 inches

36V 20AH - $999  (11 lbs)  Size: 12 x 4 x 5 inches