Electric Bike and Battery Warrany Policy and Discliamer
* We are an e-commerce business that is committed to 100% Customer satisfaction. When purchasing from us the buyer agrees to the terms in this disclaimer waiver. In the event you purchase a an electric bicycle or AllCell lithium battery and want to return the product/s, you have 14 days from receiving the shipment. The customer is responisble for any return shipping costs. All returned items must be in good working condition with no damages. All returned batteries are required to follow proper shipping procedures. Never can a damaged battery be shipped back.  Even if you insure your shipment a Shipping Agency may refuse to pay for any damages if the shipment was not properly packaged according to their standard. The customer is responsible complying with all laws, rules and shipping regulations batteries. We do not warranty damaged batteries or electric bikes due to abuse, accident or weather damage and reserve the right to make such determination. We carefully inspect any returned items. Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC includes a 30 day warranty period only on electrical components on the MT-6. After the 30 day warranty period buyers must pay to replace the deficient part. We include a one year warranty on AllCell battery packs, not including battery charger. The battery packs designed for motors under 1000 watts and we cannot warranty any battery packs due to excessive draining with higher watt motors or capacity controllers. After the one year warranty period buyers must contact AllCell if they wish to persue their two year warranty policy. The buyer understands we do not service anything other than electrical components that are within warranty period. Any regular bicycle maintenance must be done by the buyer, or a local bike shop. Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC warranty does not cover theft or vandalism. Safety is a primary focus of our company. The buyer agrees to read the safety instuctions included in their shipment and understand the safety risks associated with electric bicycles and lithium manganese battery packs sold from Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC. The buyer accepts all responsibility and risk of this electric bike or battery pack and understands its a machine that needs maintenance and care. Our electric bicycles are sold “As-Is” in new working order. The buyer must inspect the bike upon delivery and read the instructions before riding. The buyer accepts the risks and responsibility associated with owning and riding their electric bike . We advise the buyer to wear a helmet at all times, use lights for night time riding, and to follow all traffic laws. The buyer agrees to treat their electric bicycle with respect and care. This is a legal binding contract which supersedes any other agreements or representations by or between the parties and is a release of liability.I understand and agree with the terms of this assumption of risk,indemnification,but is not intended to assert any claims or defense which are prohibited by law. The buyer is responsible for following any and all electric bike laws in their area. The buyer agrees that Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC is not responsible for injuries due to negligence or hereby any other reason why the person riding the electric bike was injured. By reading this waiver the buyer understands this waiver a legal document that puts the risk and legal liability solely on the buyer and any future riders. Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC cannot oversee and supervise safety and proper usage of this electric bike therefore not held responsible for any actions of the buyer and future riders. Battery packs and electric bikes to include all parts are not warranteed in the event of a crash. The buyer agrees to waive their right to file suit against Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC for any reason to include the event of an injury or damages of any kind to the buyer or future riders. The buyer acknowledges filing suit will result in a counter suit from us. The buyer agrees anyone with serious medical conditions should not ride the electric bike. The buyer agrees to not ride in significant rain or snow. The buyer agrees not to ride off road, sidewalks, in unauthorized areas, or perform any stunts. Do not use any solvents on the bike frame. The buyer understands that any riders must be at least 16 years of age to ride per state of Illinois law. The buyer agrees not to tamper with any electrical components of the bike; doing so will void the warranty. For safety reasons do not allow anyone over  250 pounds to ride this standard bike. Failure to do so could result in the collapse of the frame or burnt out motor. The buyer agrees not to change the voltage level or tamper with the battery. Doing so can result in a short circuit or fire. The buyer agrees that Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC not liable in the event of any kind of battery failure while riding. The battery and charger were tested before being sold to the customer and are in good working order. The battery can get a max distance on a battery charge if the throttle is used sparingly and the rider pedals along with the motor. The buyer has looked at the battery distance chart included in the instructions and understands the distance and speed capabilities of the bike. The buyer understands the bike will need adjustments to their suitability. Many different factors such as road surface, wind, tires, and weight of the rider help determine the battery range. This electric bike is assembeled in the U.S. and includes foreign made parts. Each electric bicycle is inspected and test ridden by the company to ensure safety. Chicago Electric Bicycles uses PayPal for secure money transactions. We do not have, or hold, any financial information of our customers. The buyer agrees not to copy or modify our electric bicycle design for any reason, or give the design to a third party to copy. This will result in a lawsuit from us. By state and federal law electric bicycles have the same legal rights as regular bicycles only if the electric bike is fewer than 750 watts. The buyer agrees to obey the federal electric bike speed limit of 20 mph and all traffic laws. The buyer agrees to comply with all electric bike laws while riding. The buyer agrees Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC is not liable in the event the buyer and or any future riders break the law.  It is recommended to carry the state and federal electric bike laws with you. This will clear up any confusion with the authorities if you are stopped. The buyer has read this waiver and fully understands and agrees with all the provisions in this waiver and instructions included with this electric bike before purchasing. The buyer agrees to ride safely and take good care of their battery pack.

When your shipment arrives, please check carefully your shipment for any visible damage before signing the delivery. Any visible damage should be reported right away.

General Battery Instructions (For Customers to Follow) -

We recommend having someone with electrical experience do the installation/wiring of the battery if you do not know how. Use extreme caution and wear safety gloves for installation. We recommend using Anderson connectors for the connection from the battery to the the controller. Be sure never to cross the positive and negative wires, this will short out the pack instantly and void the warranty. Warranty does not cover theft, or damages due to misuse. 

Take good care of the battery.  Protect it from the elements. Always use a surge protector for charging. This will protect the battery and charger from unexpected spikes in outlet voltage. Make sure to keep the battery fully charged as often as possible to extend the overall life. When the light on the charger turns green the battery is fully charged. The charger is 110/220 volt outlet compatible and has an automatic shutoff when fully charged.  Keep the battery and charger away from open flames, water, small children, and do not leave in extreme temperatures. Store the battery at room temperature. 

The battery we have shipped to you is fully charged. You can use a voltmeter to check the voltage level. You won’t have to charge the battery again until after you first use it. During discharge the battery may get warm/ hot. This is ok. AllCell’s proprietary thermal management system disburses the heat which helps improve performance compared to other battery types. We recommend allowing for air cooling for long distance rides. Battery capacity is lower in freezing temperatures.

Make sure the battery pack properly secured and protected and does not bounce around. We recommend not using any controller higher than 25 amps , or a motor more than 1000 watts because it will drain the battery life quicker. There is one pair of positive and negative wires on the battery that connect to the controller box, and the other pair connects to the charger.

Do not permanently attach the positive and negative wires to the controller. This will drain the battery continuously and can cause damage. We recommend disconnecting the battery to the controller each time when not in use and for charging. Do not charge the battery while the battery is still connected to the controller. Keep in mind under no circumstances can damaged or shorted batteries be sent back to us. It is illegal to knowingly ship damaged lithium batteries by mail. User error is the only cause of damages.

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