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made in usa "american made product" made in america 
Haro BMX electric bike bicycle ebike
 Portland Miami Seattle New York Los Angeles Hollywood Green eco friendly transportation West Palm Beach Bicycle
made in usa "american made product" made in america 
Haro BMX electric bike bicycle ebike
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The Advantages of an Electric Bicycle

  •   Bike to work without being sweaty or tired
  •   Get up hills a lot easier 
  •   Pedaling is optional
  •   Ride at speeds of up to 20+ mph
  •   Ride up to 20-40 miles on a battery charge
  •   Eco Friendly - No pollution
  •   Not have to pay for gas
  •   Reduce your dependence on foreign oil
  •   No license or insurance required
  •   Perfect for rehabilitation
  •   Fun to ride - Relieve stress 
Energy Efficiency

It costs just $0.05 in electricity to charge the battery for a 30 mile ride. That's equivalent to 2000 mpg !

If you live close to work an electric bike is the ideal solution to cut your gas expenses. Or if you already bike to work, an electric bike can give you a significant boost by increasing your speed and distance. It costs mush less to operate than a gas scooter or moped.

Try taking an electric bike to work instead of a bus. You won't have to wait, and you can get places faster because you won't have to stop at all the bus stops.  Let's not forget, there are no fares to pay with an electric bicycle, it's never late or crowded compared to a bus or train. You basically just get on and ride at your convenience. It's the perfect transportation solution and a smarter way to get around! 
Estimated Yearly Cost of Transportation - Return on Investment

Electric Bike:   $16             Electricity to charge the battery, based on $0.11 per kwh ComEd rates 

CTA                $1,356        Monthly pass 113 x 12 months + having to wait

CAR                $8,800       Car payments + gas + insurance + registration + parking + maintenance, etc.

Why wait and pay for a bus?
Take the MT-6 instead. Park it anywhere!
Save on gas and avoid trafic jams!
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Purchasing an electric bicycle can be one of the best decisions of your life. Our electric bikes are very practical for commuting to work and short distance trips. An ebike is less expensive than a moped or scooter. No maintenance either. Enjoy riding to work, or long bikes rides without the physical stress of pedaling all the time. 

Pedaling is optional.

You can still pedal as much as you like, and bike farther and faster than you ever have!
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electric bicycles for people with disabilities or going through rehab rehabilitation get back into bicycle riding
Commute to work on an electric bike! 
Don't buy a moped or scooter. Consider an electric bike instead !
More Energy Efficient Than Regular Bicycles?.. YES!

Regular bicycles are great and we want to see more on the roads, but electric bicycles are actually more energy efficient. Here's why...

For example, if your commute is 10 miles or less, you won't break a sweat riding an electric bike and only pay a nickel ($0.05) in electricity to charge the battery. A nickel per ride is pretty cheap in today's economy. Plus, you will get to your destination twice as fast by using the electric motor.

Now compare that to riding 10 miles on a regular bicycle. You most likely will be very tired and sweaty at the end and need to use water for a shower.

Then you must factor in the cost of water consumed, and the food you will need to eat to replenish calories burned riding. In the end the cost will be over a $0.05 per ride.  

Just something to consider. 

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